Saturday, April 30, 2011

Words and meaning

I understand more and more why people sometimes choose to take vows of silence.  I have been getting more and more exasperated by words lately, although I still love them dearly, for each word is like a signpost pointing us towards something of meaning, a little doorway into the whole of everything.

Long ago in school, I read a wise quote that went something like this, if I remember correctly, and it has stuck with me ever since:

"Truth is found in all words or in no words, but not in just some words without all the rest."  

  • What are some of your favorite words and phrases?
  • Why?  What feelings do they evoke?
  • Is there one word or phrase you love that has an opposite?
  • Take some time to say it slowly, savoring its sound and meaning, and then say and experience the effects of saying the opposite.  Do you notice anything happen in yourself (body, mind, emotions) as you shift back and forth from one word to its opposite?
  • Can you inhibit your reactions to what you notice as you say the word(s), and embrace the meanings and feelings evoked by both words with open acceptance?
  • Can you be indifferent to a word and its opposite, and let them co-exist within you in peace?

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