Sunday, April 10, 2011

A mind-expanding exercise

Sometimes a little bit of imagination can go a long way!  How open is your mind? Here's a simple exercise to expand your thinking. 
  • Take some moments to become aware of your skull: the top of your head, front, back, sides, and bottom (the bottom of your skull is above the roof of your mouth, and where the skull rests on top of the spine).
  • Imagine your brain resting inside your skull; imagine the periphery of the brain on all sides.
  • Now imagine that your mind dwells inside the brain, taking on the shape of the brain (remember, this is just an experiment of the imagination, not necessarily factually exact!).
  • Next, imagine that this mind-brain is expanding beyond the confines of the physical brain and physical skull, growing larger in all directions, in three dimensions.
  • Can your mind expand into vertical length (above and below the head)...width (out beyond the sides of the face)...depth (in front of you and in back of you)?
  • How large can your mind grow?  How much space can you become aware of in all directions?
  • Do you notice any changes in your body as you expand your thinking?
  • Can you tell a difference if you think in the opposite spatial directions?  Try shrinking and compressing your thoughts into a "smaller" imaginary mind-brain?  Do you feel "small-minded" or "narrow-minded" this way? What happens in your body?
  • Go back to expanded spatial thinking, and play with sending your mind-brain out into all directions at once, like a giant, glowing sun, and enjoy a greater sense of freedom of thought.

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