Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the Unknown

the Unknown cannot be known
as soon as it is known, it ceases to be the Unknown

the Unknown is what unfolds in the next moment in time
after this one now which has already passed

change and newness emerge from the Unknown

can I inhibit my desire
to stay holding onto the present moment
to keep the comfortable, known experience of now
refusing to give it up...

can I instead open myself up to the mystery of the next moment,
whatever the Unknown may bring?

yes, of course, the eternal Now is where peace is found,
but this worldly life is made of time and space
it is in constant movement and flux

can I embrace the element of the Unknown
that moves and flows from here to there, moment to moment,
even as it stays perfectly still and changeless within?

can I stop chasing after the future
and grabbing onto the present
allowing the Unknown to unfold itself before me
carrying me along
as I stop interfering with the nature of life itself?

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