Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Alexander Technique 13 Steps for Self-Help

Some reminders for myself and other Alexander Technique students:

1. I ask, "Where am I?" and realize that this is a simple question, referring to here in space, right now.  I know where up is (where is the sky?), and where down is (where is the earth?), as well as forward, backward, and all other vectors in relation to this human being that I am.

2. I recognize the force of habit.  Yes, I am exerting more effort than is necessary for the simple task of being here, doing nothing.

3. Right now, I choose to STOP making the usual excess effort to be here now.  I am making the firm decision, right now, to STOP doing what is unnecessary, what is unhelpful and inappropriate in this moment.

4. I give myself time to continue stopping, inhibiting my unhelpful, habitual reactions.

5. I allow all feelings, all thoughts, and I continue to inhibit my unhelpful reactions to them.

6. I remember that I am free.  I allow my neck to be free.

7.  I allow my head to aim forward and up, away from the spine.

8.  I allow my torso to lengthen and widen.

9.  I allow my knees to aim forward and away from the torso.

10.  I allow myself to fall out of wrongdoing, trusting the earth beneath me and the air around me to support me, and above all, my own innate wisdom.

11. I allow myself to feel gratitude, love, and peace.

12.  I continue onwards with my work, and I smile, trusting.

13. Go back to Step 1 if desired and repeat, without expecting to feel any results right away.

If you have taken yourself through these 13 steps, dear Reader, I would love to hear about your experience.  I hope you find this helpful, too, like I do!


  1. Nice idea - steps.
    It actually works best to repeat the above, while surrendering the search for results. To the extent that habits are REALLY in control, results will not be able to be sensed. But they are still happening. You can prove that to yourself by repeating these steps at least five times... By then, something recognizable will have had some chance to happen...but you being able to sense it won't necessarily be guaranteed to the extent you've gotten used to using that habit that dulled your once naturally sensitive abilities to calibrate and sense subtle differences.

  2. Thank you, I completely agree with you. I like very much the idea of repeating the above steps multiple times. In fact, I'm going to add a Step 13 right now: "Go back to Step 1 and repeat"!

  3. LOL Jennifer, great blog. I was studying with Barbara Conable while she was inventing Body Mapping, and she used to tell me "notice the front of your back, and the back of your front." 'Putting' myself someplace was always most useful, i.e. butt in the chair, hands on the end of my arm (I use that one a lot, I'm a pianist) neck free, head forward and up. I call it 'living behind my eyes', and trying to fill up a space with my awareness. Thank you for a great post and the wonderful suggestions. Cheers, Bobby van Deusen

    1. Hi, Bobby. Thanks so much for your comment, and your additional insights. "Living behind my eyes" is one I'd especially like to try out for myself - quite intriguing idea. Glad you enjoyed the post! All best to you!

  4. This is great information, thanks’ for share!

    1. Glad you found it interesting, and thanks for your comment. All best to you!

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