Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Direction of Universal Energy with Alexander Technique

We don't know much, but it seems that there is agreement in the scientific world that universal energy expands.  (Please correct me if I'm wrong on this, and enlighten me with anything more specific you might know about it!)

If that is so, then I can use that within myself (since I'm alive, and this mind-body energy within me is part of this universe).

Sure, you could say that's very abstract.  But how can I make it immediately practical?

Here's one way, which I am experiencing right now, so I know it works for me.

- I become aware of a very strong emotion at work within me - I feel its energy.
- I notice that there is direction to it.  What do I mean by that?  Well, I notice a sharp constriction in my solar plexus and throat areas (chakras, according to some).  As I pay attention to the sensation, I realize that there is a constricting, narrowing, tightening, compressing, contracting energy that is aiming inwards.  It is not expansive.  It is therefore aiming away from life and towards death - if we define life as the universal energy (I know I'm on shaky ground here, but bear with me - I'm doing my best to make it simple and practical).
- I don't like how this feels, in fact it is quite unpleasant.  I can almost say I hate it (but not quite, because I'm interested in it.....hmmm....that's soon as I notice this, I realize that part of me actually loves it, and suddenly my face smiles and I breathe)
- I could just stay with the above realization, but something in me wants to investigate my first idea, which is a bit different.  So I notice the constriction again.  I want it to go away.
- Noticing the constriction, I choose to stop doing whatever it is I'm doing to cause that.  (Interesting again - as soon as I think, "I am stopping," it goes away!  ... but then it comes back as soon as I stop thinking that.....)
- Again, I could stay with the previous discovery, but I really want to try out the spatial direction of energy idea...
- So as I notice the constrictive inward direction, I remember that I want that to stop, and I choose to aim this energy in the opposite direction; what I mean is, I want those areas in the middle of me to aim outwards instead of inwards - I want the energy in me to be re-directed into expansion, like a shining sun. 
- Ah, that does work.

...So many ways to Rome.....with Alexander Technique ideas of observation, inhibition, and direction.

Smiling, breathing, shining out again.  And balanced, too, because the inward energy still lives in me, too, even as I am aiming out.....

Always more to explore!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Putting Alexander Technique Freedom Directions into Practice in the Now

I love my work.
I love when I practice what I teach, and to share my experience.

Here's an example of how I am using my Freedom Directions (see last post), right now, in real-time.

I notice that I'm feeling sad, and I don't like it.

Now, I remember that I'm free to feel sad.
And I'm free to let sadness move within me and through me.
It moves me, emotionally, mentally, and physically..... I move.

I am free to move.
I am free to be moved by something I do not understand.
I am free not to understand, and free to simply experience what is happening right now.
I am watching the experience of this body-mind-person.
I am free to let the body take on whatever shape it moves into.
I am free to wonder about it...I am free to think whatever I think about it, and feel whatever I feel about it.  I am free to continue wondering and watching.
I notice that I am breathing freely.
I am free to breathe.
I am to smile.
I want to aim up.
I am free to aim up and out and long and wide.
I remember that my body is free because I am free, and that includes my neck.
My neck - this neck that I am aware of - is free.
My head is free to aim forward and up, free from the spine, free to be poised above.
My torso is free to move, to breathe, and to free up.
I am freeing up.
I am feeling happy.
How nice.........

Directing into Freedom with the Alexander Technique

Hi!  I'd like to share with you the new sequel to my first podcast adventure (I wrote about the recording experience in a recent blogpost). These two talks, which are for anyone (but will make the most sense to people who have already experienced Alexander Technique work), are about a new way to use Alexander Technique thoughts to direct our body-mind-person into improved use.  I'm calling these directions "Freedom Directions", as per the great suggestion of my friend and colleague, Robert Rickover, who is conducting these interviews. Here are links to both podcasts:

Part I ~

Part II ~

I've written a few posts about freedom before, but these two podcasts bring my ideas together in a more comprehensive way.  I'd love to hear what you think about them, especially your experiences in trying them out.  So far, I've been getting lots of great feedback, and I'm so excited to share these discoveries with others and find that they are helpful!

Another wonderful AT teacher, Imogen Ragone, has also talked about the Freedom Directions in a recent podcast.  Here's a link to hers:


See a real-time example of one way that I put Freedom Directions into practice for myself in my next blogpost:

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Great Thoughts and the Alexander Technique ~ A Daily Practice

I started a new personal daily practice about a month ago.  Every morning, I open up my mind to finding/creating a "Great Thought", which then becomes my personal theme for the day. I've decided to post my GTs here, in case they might inspire you to start your own GT practice. You can use mine, of course (GTs are pretty universal, so they don't "belong" to anyone in particular), but I think finding/creating GTs yourself is potentially a more powerful practice, since it is something that comes from deep inside of you.  That said, using a GT from someone else can work just as well if you let it resonate with the core of you which does in fact "own" the same GT.

Why are GTs important?  Because they give structure and meaning to your day, and bring you closer to what you really want.  I think it's very important to formulate a GT in the present tense, and it's important to formulate it so that you can really believe it (which is why it might be easier to create/find them yourself).

In case you're wondering what a GT has to do with Alexander Technique, I see it this way: AT is about improving our use of the body-mind.  The mind and body are inseparable.  Good thoughts are not just mental - they go hand-in-hand with the well-being of the body, so if you are choosing to think good thoughts, you are using your whole self well; you are going in the right direction.

Where does inhibition fit in?  Inhibition happens when you choose to stop thinking in the usual way for a moment and open up your mind to the possibility of letting a new thought arise.  Conscious, constructive direction means knowing that you want the new thought to be one that will take you into a better use of yourself.

Today's GT:

10/15  I am in the process of strengthening (through the practice of open awareness and repetition) the good thoughts that make me feel happiness. I am free to feel happy!

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts about this post, and - especially - about your own great thoughts!  Share them here, and you are likely to inspire me and others, too!