Thursday, March 6, 2014

Moving on to The Art of Freedom, with Love

Dear Readers,

NOTE: You can now find my most up-to-date blogposts at

It is with a bit of sadness that I realize how long it's been since I last wrote in this blog.  I had come to really love writing here and sharing my Alexander Technique insights with all of you.  And I have so much appreciated your warmth and positive feedback, as well as your very helpful comments!

However, I have a very good reason for no longer writing here, at least for the time being; I've been shifting my focus for my AT practice towards working specifically with musicians, so I've started a completely new business, website, and blog for that purpose (and I just can't do it all, even with all the miracles of the AT at my disposal, haha!).

I've re-invented what I do, for whom, and how I offer it.  I'm calling my new vision "The Art of Freedom", and I love it.  The Art of Freedom combines my experience as an AT teacher, a long-time professional performer, and spiritual person.  The Art of Freedom integrates all of who I am in a new way, and I feel such joy in being able to offer what I do with more freedom, and in being able to help my fellow musicians that I see struggling all around me.

Even if you aren't a musician, if my writings have touched or inspired you in any way, I very much hope that you will continue to read my new blog.  Come visit, explore my new website, and please sign up for my newsletter!  Here's the link:

Another way you can help: please share the link!  And please do let your musician friends know about my work - I'd be so grateful.  I'm also expanding to work with people long-distance, so my work isn't just for Cincinnati anymore. If you know any amateur musicians who struggle with tension, pain, anxiety, or other issues... or professional musicians suffering from the same.... The Art of Freedom programs could very well be exactly what they need.  Why not help them out and tell them?  They might be forever grateful!

Much love to you all, and a thousand blessings on your Journey!

p.s. You can stay subscribed here, too, just in case I come back! :)