Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Acceptance Balm

You think you want change? Just try this--it works!
Great gift for teachers and students alike.

Open up a jar of Acceptance Balm! 
All natural ingredients, miraculous, and FREE!

Guaranteed to be empty, with nothing inside.
Won't do anything to you, no harmful side effects.

Drink it, inhale it, rub it into your joints.
Put it anywhere you encounter either pleasure or pain.

Nothing artificial or toxic or addictive to grab you.
No calories, no cholesterol, no gimmicks, no lies.

No judgments, no expectations,
No endgaining worries.

This is not snake oil! It's purely nothing at all!
Just look inside, there's nothing to see!

Nothing to feel, nothing to think about,
Nothing to know, to fix, or get right.

It's perfectly itself, whatever it is!
Anything is possible--with open acceptance.

You think you want change?
Something other than what is?

The key is open acceptance--
of everything, one and all.

Don't believe me?  Just try it!
Open Acceptance,
and See.

Tip for teachers: use Acceptance Balm regularly on yourself first, then apply liberally and consciously to your student at all times.

Tip for students: remember that your teacher needs Acceptance Balm just as much as you do!  This makes a wonderful unexpected gift.

Possible side effects: regular use of Acceptance Balm without expecting results may cause increased happiness or even bliss, which may be contagious; however, habitual use may lead to unexpected disillusionment and boredom.  

Keep Acceptance Balm fresh, use it in large quantities, and replace it often.  Make sure yours is pure and from a reliable source.  Store in a cool or warm place, in the dark or in the light.


  1. Beautifully stated, I accept it graciously. It sort of helps you step lightly, step brightly as you go along your way. Another nice aspect of your Acceptance Balm is its cost, not exactly expensive and you don't have to travel far to get it. Thank you Jennifer.

  2. Thank you, Jerry, glad you like it! I will send you a double order...just don't look for it in the mail! :)

  3. I think we could go on to say that these jars are infinitesimal in size/shape/color/time... :) (I'm having fun reading your old posts)

  4. I just realized that I must have lost or forgotten to make the best use of my Acceptance Balm for myself some time ago (easy not to realize that right away, since it's invisible). Happily, since I've now realized and accepted that I did that, I now have a lovely new supply on hand. Hurray!


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