Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Practicing Life and Love

Having a clear intention is essential to accomplishing a goal.  Without a clear intention, we easily get sidetracked and confused along the way.  Alexander Technique is not a spiritual path per se, although it can be a great help to a person's spiritual life.  AT does not in itself make us moral people, even though  Alexander speaks about "the right thing doing itself."  I do think it is helpful to have a very clear idea first of what that "right thing" is for each of us, in general terms.  

For instance, today I am choosing the general intention of Life and Love for myself.  For me, today, that is "the right thing"; I want to not interfere with That, so Life and Love can flow through me unobstructed, "doing itself."  Here's how I practice this today:

First, I ask myself stop the chatter, making space, practicing emptiness (what we could call spiritual poverty).

I raise my awareness up to the prefrontal cortex, placing my awareness in my forehead, so that I can better formulate clear intentions, inhibit and direct, from there.

In accordance with my chosen intention, I think inhibitory thoughts such as these:

"I am not stiffening. 
Not hardening. 
Not freezing. 
No hard coldness. 
No iciness. 
I am not indifferent. 
I am not hardened. 
I am not dead."

I am not interfering with Life.

Fervent faith.

I direct my whole self to flow into this intention,
allowing this loving, living space to be within and without.

From high above, I oversee this activity,
and from deep within the heart, I live it.

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