Thursday, April 7, 2011

Don't try

Don't try!
("Don't try what?")

Don't try anything.
Don't try to get it right.
Don't try to succeed.
Don't try harder.
("What?!?  But then I'd get nothing done! I'd never do anything new! Of course I have to try!  How else could I succeed?  I would be lazy if I didn't try, and I'd never get anywhere!")

Don't try.
Our habitual understanding of trying implies too much inappropriate effort.  Putting in a lot of effort is an unnecessary expenditure of energy, because the power to do whatever you want to do is already within you, ready to be channeled through your system and released into activity, without any added effort.

Don't try.
Just allow and flow and Be.

You want to do something?
You want to move?
You want to try something new?

Don't try.
Wonder and experiment instead.
Formulate a very clear intention, and inhibit (stop) everything that interferes with that movement/idea being carried out through you.

and release.

But don't try.
To give up trying is better.

Trying in itself is not the problem.
It is how we try.
So stop trying to try!
It simply doesn't work.

To stop, give up, trust, and allow...
now that works.


  1. Alright

    I will allow
    myself to stop
    listen and say no

    to those urges
    to go, to move
    to react
    on impulse

    trying to be

    I will release, not
    strain as I aim
    to be
    authentically me.

    Thank you Jennifer.


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