Saturday, April 9, 2011

Grateful for the breath

It's quiet here, morning quiet.  I could interpret the quietness in such a way that I pull down in response; 
instead, I listen and appreciate the silence.  Not completely silent, I hear birds and the hum of a machine, and a car going by... 

Taking time, I listen and wait.  I smile as I notice my breath surfacing spontaneously from the core of my being, and I feel gratitude for the reliable anchor of the life-giving breath.  When all else seems to consist of layers of confusion, within silence the breath is always found, waiting for me to enter it.

Through the breath, I am comforted.  I
t is safe and has a "mind" of its own.  When I stop interfering, the breath breathes itself; all I need "do" is rest and allow.

Why not give up the striving for elusive things, and simply be grateful for the ever-present breath?

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