Friday, April 8, 2011

Being Here Now

Why does it feel so often like the body-mind is gearing up to go somewhere?
Even when still, it seems like we're itching to move...
Even when we move and get to the places we want to go,
our insides remain restless and unsatisfied,
as if there were someplace we'd rather be than where we are right now.

There is nowhere else to go, 
nowhere to be but Here!

Here is the place to be, and Here is where I always am.
How could I be anywhere else but Here, in this moment?
To be somewhere else is impossible--we are all seeking the impossible!

And if it is true that nothing is impossible,
Then we must realize that Here is Everywhere,
And our consciousness will expand to fill the infinitude of space.
In either case, there is nowhere else to be but Here.

To be Here; there is no escape from that.
This is simply in the nature of things.

No more pushing ourselves into another place,
No more wanting to be somewhere else,
No more lack of contentment with what is right now, right here.

Here and Now go hand in hand,
so let us stop trying to get somewhere else in the next moment.

Everything will unfold exactly according to intention.
Let us look deeply at our motivations,
and stop interfering with spontaneous movement from Here to Here.

Helpful inhibitory thoughts:

  • I am not trying to get somewhere
  • I am not trying to be somewhere other than Here
  • I am not interfering with contentment
  • I am not limiting my idea of Here
  • I am not fighting what is--Here, Now

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  1. As I'm getting ready for all my travels, this was perfect for met today. Thank you, Jennifer!


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