Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thinking, "I am Free"

If I can think, "I am free" in any situation, no matter how I feel, that is proof enough for me that it's true.

Sometimes, thinking "I am free" is easy.  When I feel happy and free, for instance.
On the other hand, sometimes it seems very difficult to think "I am free," because I don't feel free.

Yet, I am ALWAYS free to think it, no matter how I feel, and that, to me, proves that it's true.
And the truth is, if I choose to think it, it is very easy to think the words, "I am free," whether I feel it or believe it or not in any given moment.

And in my experience practicing this thought, I find that every single time that I find the will to think it, and I try it out, it brings me closer to feeling free.

Why not try the experiment?

Here are some variations I use:

- I am free.
- I am free to feel whatever feeling I am feeling right now.  For example:
- I am free to feel panic.
- I am free to feel disappointed.
- I am free to feel fear.
- I am free to feel confused.
- I am free to feel whatever I want.
- I am free to want to feel differently from how I feel right now.
- I am free to want something.
- I am free to give up.
- I am free to be angry.
- I am free to express myself.
- I am free to collapse and shut down.
- I am free to sit at the computer.
- I am free to stop.
- I am free to do something else.
- I am free to do nothing at all.
- I am free to be patient and wait.
- I am free to think I'm not free.
- I am free to think I'm free.
- I am free to experiment.
- I am free to choose.

As you can see, the list is inexhaustible.
That's because our possibilities are infinite.
We are free.

Of course, you are free to react to this post however you wish!

Would you like to try an experiment?
Why not try thinking "I am free" today, and see what happens?

If you try it out, remember that you are free to comment here -- I would love to hear about your experience!

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  1. Jennifer, even before I read your wonderful post, I started the day intentionally letting myself "off the hook." It's an old pattern I am trying to tame. I think it's exactly what you are suggesting and today has been so blissful. Glad to feel so affirmed!
    Thank you!
    -- Cathy

  2. Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this, Cathy. There is a saying, "There is no compulsion in religion." I think that by extension, there is no compulsion in life, either. When I think, "I am free," then I am giving myself permission to experience whatever I am experiencing in this present moment--even if it seems negative--without any pressure to change or be different from how I am right now. I can just be ME. I am free to be ME, and yes, this is so blissful, because Being-Consciousness-Bliss IS a human being's essential nature. When we try to force ourselves to be anything other than what we ARE, we block that.

  3. Lovely post, Jennifer. When I was thinking "I am free" a few moments ago, my breathing just freed up like magic! I also think it's interesting to put this is the context of being free to be as we are right now (being present), even if, as you say, that might be feeling sad or confused. So often we don't let ourselves actually feel what we are feeling, or rather it's overlaid with what we think we "ought" to be feeling... I think I am confusing myself, but I am free to do so :)

  4. Thank you, Jennifer - I am now sitting here freely feeling the same (not very pleasant right now) feelings, but with a softness and gentleness that has dissolved the hardness of before.

  5. Thank you so much for your input, Imogen and Annie. It is so easy to forget that we are free to feel unpleasant feelings, and that this is such an important part of being human. It constantly amazes me that by actually giving ourselves permission to feel what is already there, that simple acceptance and recognition of our freedom begins to give us more of the feeling of freedom, as the hardness gently softens by itself. Wishing you more and more awareness of the goodness of freedom!


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