Thursday, March 1, 2012

To Be With

First (last, always, and above all), to just BE with a person and the habitual way of being.  

To really fully accept how a person is in this present moment, without expectation or need (or even desire!) for change.  

To simply see the person, see the habit, see what IS, and let it be there.  

To acknowledge/realize the freedom of the person (student, teacher, friend, child, parent, lover, etc.), right NOW, no matter what it looks/feels like.  (What a miracle!  To see/know/realize that we ARE FREE!)  

And then, to maybe explore the habit a bit more, maybe go a bit deeper into it, whatever it is, however it is manifesting itself.  To just get curious about it, and let it be there.  

Once we can really acknowledge and accept a person -- habit and all -- and simply let the individual be FREE to BE, then what can seem like a miracle takes place:

...the person-habit comes alive! and starts to move! and change! and breathe!

Even if it's so subtle that we aren't aware of it at first.  Even if we don't have the time or patience to stay with it very long.  Even if we think it's stuck and isn't changing or living or breathing or moving...IT IS.  And whatever it is, right now, it's just fine.  It is free.

I am forever grateful to my first Alexander teacher for teaching me this through the experience, and also to several others.

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