Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Becoming Spring

the Love of Spring is in the air
filling mind and body, heart and soul
I breathe in the Spring, I become the Spring
I am made of Spring, and so are you

Spring explodes with joyful rebirth of Spirit
fresh and buoyant, overflowing with new life
familiar because we have seen so many Springs before
yet She thrills and excites; no two Springs are quite alike

we have been many selves, awakened to many new Springs
every moment is a potential new Self, a new Spring awaits
every moment beckons to divulge its secret
calling us from deep within:  NOW is the time to Spring into life!

curiosity is the key, in balance with remembrance
the new must not forget to remember the past
let us discover the Unknown in every new moment
but remember the Center which holds time together

are you open to Spring, aiming up in Life's Wonder?
will you let go of the death of yesterday's Winter?
can you remember heavy Summer?
and simply let yourself Fall?

do you smell the perfume and see the flowers
that lift you to fly upwards as your roots stretch down
remembering the richness of the deepest, fertile depths
the Spring that leaps forward remembers the holy ground of the past...........

* photo by Rob Wiltshire


  1. Letting go of the death of yesterday's Winter is requisite, for me, in opening up to the wonder that is Spring. Thank you my friend.

  2. I agree Imogen, just very good!

  3. Thank you for your positive words, friends! I am sitting in my studio listening to birds chirping in the sunshine outside, and sending you all lots of happy Spring energy! :)

  4. This lovely poem and these thoughts about spring bring to my mind the splendid words of Thomas Morley, 'the Spring clad all in gladness/doth laugh at Winter's sadness'.

    This blog is so refreshingly positive and engaging! I love it; there's so much here to inspire reflection and learning.

    1. Thank you very much for commenting, Andrew. It is heartwarming to feel that my blog inspires, and I'm so glad you like it. All best to you!


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