Friday, March 16, 2012

Mirror of the Mind

*photo by Salvatore Vuono

the universe in your head is entirely free
it has a center...where? doesn't matter at all
every point is free to be a center within
connected in every direction
to the universe without

so imagine a centerpoint in the middle of your head
see a vertical line aiming up and out
to the Infinite.........and down again, inward to the center
but don't stop there! continue on down
to the Infinite, waiting, far below

in and out are relative to what you call the center
every line unites opposites--when you remember!
where is up, where is down?
doesn't matter, they're inside-out!
just pay attention.......and don't get stuck!

when you're aware of a center, then you know where you can be
but not only in-out, up and down
also forward, back, and left and right...every vector leads
to and from the center of your personal universe
into the universe that surrounds you, the one we all share

are they the same?
your universe and mine?
are they the same?
your center and mine?

well, it all depends
on where you choose to look
what do you want to see?
the part or the whole?

if you see all as One, then your universe is mine
with the Center everywhere, connecting every thing
but what of the body? isn't this all too grand?
what of the neck and shoulders, back and spine?

just stay in your universe, high above
and trust that the body will follow your will
remind yourself, the mind is free!
and let the body rejoice as a mirror of the mind

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