Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sharing Love

We humans are beings capable of enormous--even infinite--Love.

To actively share the experience of this Love with others is the source of our greatest joy.
To feel that our expression of this Love is not fully received by others is the source of our greatest grief.

In order to experience the greatest heights of joy, we must be willing to share our Love freely, and take the risk that it may not be fully received.
We must be willing to endure the greatest depths of grief in order to live the most beautiful life of Love.

Alexander Technique can help us become aware of the many ways that we block the experience of Love within ourselves, both the giving of it and the receiving of it.

When we are afraid to feel, we block some of the flow of Love within us; we contract, shrink, fight, flee, and freeze...all to avoid feeling the extreme feelings borne of Love.

In order to Love, we must know that we are free to do so.
To live a life of Love is a choice.
To share Love is a choice.
But the price of choosing anything but Love is a choice away from living the full richness of life, towards deadening and hardening, numbness and pain.

The way to escape the suffering of the human condition is to live and love for the sake of Love, not for the sake of having it received or shared or returned.  That kind of "end-gaining" inevitably leads to disappointment and suffering.

We can choose to inhibit the desire/need for Love to come to us from without.
We can choose to allow/direct Love to flow and live within and without, for us and for every moment.
These choices bring real happiness that is always accessible, always reliable, always trustworthy.
This is "good use" of the self.

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