Friday, February 10, 2012

Positive Directions for Mind-Body Freedom

Without moving the body to try to feel whether the following thoughts have an effect on your system or not, just go ahead and think them.  Slowly, one at a time, with awareness of the meaning of the words, and in the specific order suggested.  As you add each new direction, continue to be aware of the previous direction(s) at the same time.  Alexander said, "One after another, all together."  We pay attention to parts (analysis), and we also pay attention to the whole (synthesis).  This activity is the best kind of concentration, leading to a unified field of attention, one which aims to include everything.

  • I am free (the will is free, the mind-body is free, I am free to be)
  • I know where I am in space  (I know where all possible directions are in relation to the body:  I know where up is, I know where down is, forward, back, left, right, left, inside, outside, etc. )
  • The neck is free (to be as it is)
  • I am aware of forward & up (particularly in relation to the head)
  • The torso is free (to be as it is, to breathe, to expand)
  • The knees are aiming forward & away (from the torso)
  • Heels to the ground, crown to the sky (aware that everything in between is free to be)
  • I am free

Go back to the beginning and repeat as often as desired:

  • I am free
  • I know where I am in space
  • The neck is free
  • I am aware of forward & up
  • The torso is free
  • The knees are aiming forward & away
  • Heels to the ground, crown to the sky
  • I am free

Here's an abbreviated version:

  • I am free
  • The neck is free
  • Forward & up
  • Torso expanding
  • Knees forward & away

It may also be helpful to add the following after "I am free":  

  • to choose
  • to be ... as I am ... right now ... here ... Me
  • to love ... to live ... to be energized
  • to smile ... to enjoy mySelf ... to be happy
  • to breathe ... to move
  • to experiment ... explore ... wonder ... create
  • to feel any feelings, no matter what they are
  • to be conscious

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