Monday, February 13, 2012

Being free!

I am free!
No matter what it feels like,
No matter what it looks like,
I know it's true.

I am free.
The mind/body/being/Self is free!

Freedom is open to all directions.
Freedom means I'm allowed to be Me.

I am free.

Open mind, open heart.
Thinking free, loving free.

Head free.
Neck free.
Torso free, breath free.
Legs free, arms free.
Fingers free, feet free.

Stillness free, movement free.
Thinking free, stopping free.

Image free, face free.
Feelings free, smiles free!

Up free, down free.
Inside-out free.

Time free, space free.
And everything else free!

I am free.

You are free!


Our freedom is a miracle. An even greater miracle, perhaps, is our realization of it.

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