Thursday, July 7, 2011

You can rise above it

Are you feeling a specific emotion right now, or experiencing a general one today or this week?
Whatever it is (whether you experience it as "positive" or "negative"), can you rise above it?  There is always a higher place to aspire to.  Getting stuck in a feeling is not life-enhancing and doesn't contribute to personal growth until you have a breakthrough out of it.

Bring your awareness high up into your forehead (prefrontal cortex--PFC).
From there, can you observe the sensations in your body below?
Emotions have physical counterparts; they go hand in hand.
For instance, do you feel some constriction in your chest, or in your throat?  Neck? Hands? Belly?

Staying up in the PFC, gently ask yourself to stop constricting (in a general way, then in specific places, too).  "I wonder if I could let go of that? I'd like to stop tightening there."

Other helpful inhibitory thoughts:
"I'm allowing myself to feel X down there, and I'd like to stop feeding that feeling now.  I am not reacting to it. I'm not in a hurry.  I can feel X and yet be detached up here.  I want to stop interfering with peace (or happiness) now."

Staying forward and up is the key. When you experience an emotion/bodily sensation as "negative," staying "up" and aiming "forward" into life becomes much more difficult, and all the more important!

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