Thursday, July 21, 2011

Laugh it up!

There are so many ways to laugh--just watch the people around you wherever you go, and watch yourself in the mirror, if you dare!

Do you throw your head back when you laugh?
Do you double over with laughter?
Are you thrown into stitches?

Or do you laugh it up?

Which parts of you do you laugh with?
Where do you feel it?
Where does the laughter originate?
Think about it for a moment.

Stomach, throat, chest, voice, face, torso...feet...mind?

How about laughing with your whole self, whole being, with a real, heart-y laugh?

Next time you laugh, notice whether you hold in your laughter in any way by tightening/constricting/pulling yourself down...or whether you collapse...or whether it energizes you and uplifts your spirits.

Does your laughter bring you closer to or further from what makes you laugh?

See if you can be aware of the space above you as you laugh, and choose not to tighten in reaction to the stimulus that you find funny.

Let yourself go into a freefall for laughter, aiming everything up!

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