Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life Rhythm

"There is a rhythm to everything in the cosmos.  The wind, the rain, the waves, the flow of our breath and heartbeat--everything has a rhythm.  Similarly, there is a rhythm in life.  Our thoughts and actions create the rhythm and melodies of our lives.  When the rhythm of our thoughts is lost, it reflects in our actions.  This will, in turn, throw off the very rhythm of life.  Today, this is what we are seeing all around us."  
- Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma)

  • Is there a rhythm to your daily life?
  • Does your life flow melodiously from one activity to another, or do you get stuck?
  • Do your movements flow with ease, or are they jerky and stiff?
  • Is there a balanced rhythm to your gait, or is there an uneven lopsidedness?
  • Notice where rhythm is irregular in your life, where would like it to be more regular. (Example: "My mealtimes are irregular."
  • Realize that you have a choice: to continue with the habitual irregularity, or to stop.
  • "Choosing to stop."
  • Change direction towards what you want: "My mealtimes are not irregular."  "I eat three meals per day, at roughly the same time" (or whatever you prefer).
Continue thinking in this way, and over time your habits will start to shift, as you start making the necessary adjustments towards your goal.

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