Thursday, July 14, 2011

Noticing the face

As you sit looking at the computer screen, stop for a moment and become aware of your face.

Do you notice any excess tension around the eyes? Forehead? Lips? Jaw?  Don't try to change your face or get rid of any of the tension just yet.

In fact, can you exaggerate it and get to know your habits better first?  The more information we can gather about what it is we're doing, the more control we can potentially have over it in the future.

What if you scrunched up your face even more, in the same direction?  What happens to the different areas of your face?  In which directions do the muscles pull?

Now stop and ask yourself to let go of it all.  Did you notice an expansion outwards?  Did your expression soften?  Did your breathing change?

Can you let go of more around the lips and jaw area?

Imagine that your face is a crumpled piece of cloth.  Can you imagine that someone is gently pulling it outwards from all sides, smoothing the tension that pulls on and tightens the muscles?  You can use your own hands, slowly and lightly, to smooth your face outwards from center, guiding muscles into release.

Can you let your vision soften, letting the eyes rest further back in their sockets?

How about letting the corners of your mouth aim slightly upwards, into the beginnings of a gentle smile?

Notice your face during different activities today: while listening to someone speak, when you wake up from sleeping, as you walk down the street, looking in the mirror, etc.

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