Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Set your sights higher!

The visual system is higher in our head than we usually realize, and changing how we map it in our conception can have a positive effect on our whole organism, even lifting our moods as we literally "set our sights higher".

Take your time to think though each of the following steps slowly:

  • Think, "I want to stop interfering with my vision."  
  • Think of the visual system as a horizontal plane connecting the eyes through the head to the visual cortex in the back of the brain. 
  • Now, imagine that horizontal plane being a bit higher...even higher.  
  • Let the eyes take on a receptive quality, allowing light to enter; imagine the light traveling in through eyes, through the head to the back of the brain.  
  • Let the eyes be lively and moveable with curiosity, not staring fixedly at any one spot.  
  • Expand your awareness of your peripheral vision. 
  • Remember to keep thinking of the horizontal plane of the visual system being higher than it seems.

Can you continue this receptive, larger, higher mode of vision as you move around the room?  Does the quality of your movement change if you drop back into your habitual way (lower, more fixed, narrower focus) of using your eyes? 

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