Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Goal

There are so many possible goals in life, and so many possible starting points.  They are infinite, really.

Sometimes, my specific goal is small and limited.  Maybe I just want the pain in my shoulders to go away.

But what if I realize that the pain in my shoulders is connected to Everything?
Why not take it ALL into account?  I want the big picture.  The whole thing!  The One Goal that includes all possible lesser goals.

Maybe I'm greedy, maybe I'm ambitious...but yes, there are times when I want it all.
Does this ever happen to you?
I think this is a natural, normal -- even desirable -- part of being human.

So where do I start when I have the vision of such a grand and mysterious Goal?
I laugh, because anywhere will do.  It's all part of the All.
With consciousness and a clear purpose, I can start from anywhere, and get where I want to go.

If I feel that I want to "get" somewhere or something, or "change" something, I am obviously perceiving the lack of the All, the lack of Infinite Joy.  I feel separated from It; other than It.  Yet, as soon as I am aware of my smallness/limitation (here, now), then I can also become aware of the Goal, that Infinite All.  This is the first step: having the end in mind.

But what is this Goal, exactly?
Ah, there are so many words for it....

The All, The One, Mystery, Infinitude, Being, Energy, Light, Freedom, Power, Joy, Love, Peace, Beatitude, Beauty, Bliss, Life, Truth, One, Absolute, Consciousness, Perfection............

Some people call this God or Heaven, some people call it Nirvana or the Void.
Some people have no name for it at all.
Sometimes it even seems like nothing.

Yet, whether it has a name or is nameless, there is an eternal yearning for IT.  To yearn, to aim, to wish, to desire...this is human.  Why? Because the human starting point is inevitably limitation, and this consciousness of limitation leads to a desire for limitlessness and completion....to unite with and become the All...this is to realize our inherent freedom, the grand, ultimate purpose of our existence.

Practical exploration:

  • Right now, I feel limited, not free, tight, diminished, not whole, unintegrated, pain, suffering, etc.
  • I am aware that there is another possibility, something more, something "better", to aim for.
  • I wish for the Goal because I know that the Goal IS, and I want to have/be It.
  • Because I know It, part of me must actually be aware of It, and that part that is aware must Be It.
  • I know that this Being part of me is the part that leads me to the Goal, so I will focus on It.
  • I am free.  No matter what I feel like, I know that my essential being Is Being Itself, and It is free.

  • The neck is.  I leave the neck alone.  I let the neck Be.  Being is Freedom.  The neck is free.
  • The head is aware of forward and up.
  • The back lengthens and widens into bliss from the heart.
  • The limbs extend into Infinitude.
  • All of me expands into Infinitude and touches the One, the All, within and without.
  • I am filled with the Joy of Being.


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