Tuesday, December 6, 2011

habits of thinking about feelings

round and round...
back and forth...

words on top of words...
feelings on top of feelings...

there is no relief, no peace
until I stop.

angry about being angry,
disgusted about being disgusted,
frustrated about being frustrated,
confused about being confused...

delighted about being delighted,
excited about being excited,
happy about being happy...

why not just experience the feeling
and then stop the habit of thinking and feeling something about the feeling?

why not stop to fully experience the feeling
without placing a label on it,
without judging it, interpreting it, or trying to ascribe meaning to it?

something that might be anger? no problem.  just a feeling.
something that might be sadness?  no problem.  just a feeling.

happy? no big deal.  just happy, just a feeling.
loving? no big deal.  just loving, just a feeling.

letting feelings be simple
is much simpler.

not knowing what they all mean
is just fine.

just to be here, just to experience what is
as it is
when it is...

this is enough.

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