Monday, November 14, 2011

loving the space between

as I teach, I see two people meeting
as I live, I see multiple objects coming together
as I breathe, I am aware of an inside and an outside

always, there is a space between
which lives and breathes and grows
like a tree spreading in all directions

can we work on the space between?
can we connect to that space and grow from it
just as we connect to one another?

the hands may meet a physical being
but what is it they must pass around and go through?
isn't there always always always just a little bit of space between?

I would like to learn to love this space,
this time-space which constantly presents itself
sometimes all too obvious, sometimes nearly nonexistent

I am learning to love this living space between
even as I love the objective "other" that I can see
living on the other side of nothing

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  1. beautiful, evocative, provocative and it ALL speaks to me ... thank you!


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