Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Accepting Support

Support is everywhere: within and without.
It comes towards us through everything,
Always reaching for us, waiting for us to become aware of it.
If we stop disconnecting ourselves from it, and stop ignoring it or denying our need for it,
Our hearts and minds and bodies can finally open to humbly receive it.

We are connected to everything, as if by invisible strings, or golden threads.
If we trust these nourishing and sustaining lifelines of support,
And stop trying to support ourselves without this ever-present help from beyond ourselves,
We can let go and fall, to be caught up by this gentle embrace
Which wants to help us be ourselves.

By risking losing what we think is our balance,
By trusting that which is only known by intuition and deeply-buried experience,
We let it coax us back into our rightful shape.
In this way, we right ourselves,
And with bliss, we merge with and meet the space to which we rightfully belong.

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  1. Beautiful Jennifer. By expressing yourself so admirably through these words, you and many others to whom I listen lift me up, day by day. I hope that one day you write something, here or elsewhere, how playing the violin helps support you. Does it? Music has such emotional influence on our minds and body.


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