Thursday, June 9, 2011

Unblocking energetic, loving Flow

When we notice that one of our habitual reactions is to put up inner walls, shut things out of our experience, pull ourselves down, and block the life-flow of energy within; and when we know that this is not what we really want to be doing because it is inconsistent with our ultimate Goal of loving, joyous, generous Life--towards ourselves and others--this can be a helpful direction to give ourselves:

"I am not blocking open, energetic, loving Flow."

Repeated over and over, surrendering to the deepest part of us that knows exactly how to re-organize everything into a positive, upward direction, these words can seem to work magic to carry us effortlessly towards our Goal.


  1. I like your blog very much. It's simple enough to read, and practice; simple in our world of too many words it wonderful.

    Suggestion for this one: putting directions in the positive, so that the mind doesn't need to remove the negative, the not; thus, I am open, energetic, in loving Flow. ?

  2. Thank you, Stevie for your appreciative words; I'm glad you like the blog! I also like your suggestion, since positive thoughts like this often help. However, I have good reasons for expressing this in the negative, which I'd like to write about in a subsequent post. Stay tuned! :)

  3. See my latest post in response to questions about "negative" directions:


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