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I am in awe of the quantity and quality of things which may be found on the internet.  I've decided to dedicate this page to things which may or may not be about the Alexander Technique, but which I find to be strongly connected to AT in one way or another, if not.  One thing they all have in common is that they fascinate me!  Feel free to share your interesting findings here, too.  Show and tell! :)
Wonderful series of self-lessons for using gravity to our best advantage, by AT teacher Robert Rickover.
Amy Cuddy, TED talk on how your body language shapes who you are
Thank you, Franis Engel, for telling me about this!

About calm excitement:
Thanks to John Appleton, imaginative creator of Posture Release Imagery. I also like this quote from John: "Endeavor in yourself to feel/imagine innocence, the disposition that straightens backs, releases pain, of its own accord."

BBC News: "Mind tricks may help arthritic pain" 
This study is AMAZING and very much related to Alexander Technique

Great articles on the power of positive emotion.
Applied Neuroscience Institute

About the power of smiling:

About yawning and why it's healthy:

This is great healthy, happy advice, delivered with song -- laugh and remember! :)

Constructive Rest audio guide series, by David Nesmith:

Two articles on the hazards of wearing heels and shoes in general:


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