Thursday, March 14, 2013

Do you have enough? Explorations with Alexander Technique

So much of our thinking is about not having "enough".  Believing that we don't have enough of anything is a trap that pulls us off-balance. Let's explore some questions about the idea of having "enough".

  • WHAT?  Not enough of what?  Time?  Space? Money?  Love?  Sex?  Attention?  Status?  Work?  Freedom?  Happiness?  Excitement?  Health?  Peace?  "Good enough"-ness?
  • WHY?  Why do you believe it isn't enough?  Why do you want more?  What's missing?  Are you missing a certain feeling that you think you don't have enough of?  
  • WHO?  Enough for who?  For yourself or for someone else?  
  • WHEN?  If it isn't enough right now, when will it be enough?  Are your thoughts projecting into the future, or comparing with the past?
  • WHERE?  Where are your thoughts?  Where is your attention?  Is it on someone or something else, other than the center of You?  Are they pulling your mind-body off-balance, off-center?
  • HOW?  How are you going to get more of whatever it is you want?  Do you have a specific plan?  

What would happen if you gave yourself the TIME and SPACE...even just a tiny little bit...........
right here...
right now...

to STOP your thinking
to STOP projecting into the future
to STOP relating things to the past
to STOP judging
to STOP wanting
to STOP defining and labeling and naming and associating thoughts with who you think you are and what you think you need

to just BE
simply BE

alive, breathing enough air to live
(yes, there is enough air, even if it doesn't feel like it!  The proof?  You're alive! :)


if you really really really let your mind-body stop all the extra doing, all the pushing and pulling yourself off-center, out of the here and now.... what is left?

Whatever is left, is it possible that this might be "enough", right here, right now, for YOU?

...and then....
is it possible that this I AM-ness
might bring you into greater abundance
in ways you have never before imagined?

Is it possible?

Let the questions be enough.
No need for answers right here, right now......

Just open to the questions,
because the questions are enough for right here, right now.

Answers come when answers come,
and whatever comes will surely be "enough".

All in good time.
With patience, gratitude, and trust.


I'd love to hear your thoughts about this.  What do you believe you don't have "enough" of?  What happens when you stop?

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