Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Right Action with Alexander Technique

I want to remember:


Pause for a moment internally (while engaged in external activity, or stopping external activity) to notice what is

"What is really wanted right now, on the deepest level?"
"What is right for me at this moment?"
"What would be the best thing for me to do right now?"

Wait for a clear answer which is free from doubt

Do what is right for me in this present moment, which may be to refrain from further action

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  1. Hi,
    as always i know how much you are struggling to catch the alexander intention.

    You are almost near to his intention! Dont skip! YOU ARE just far away from that wonderful idea.
    Suffer the sorrow, then only the reasonings for the good use BORN.
    I want to suffer! Do you!
    The disease or discomfort made FM to do that!!!

    Thanks you very much for your great deep thoughts as always.

  2. What a lovely and unexpected comment, Rajesh, thank you very much!

    In this present moment, as I continue to write, thinking "out loud" through words:

    - I stop...... I stop any habitual reactions that come to my awareness in response to what you are saying. I withhold definition. I stop judging, I stop arguing, I stop resisting, I stop analyzing, I stop needing to understand, I stop wanting to be right.

    - I ask....... what would the right thing be to do now?

    - I listen.......... "continue to stop, and be grateful, realize the Goodness in what Rajesh is transmitting"

    - I act.......... in this present moment, I smile, free from suffering, free from sorrow, and I thank you from my heart, Rajesh!


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