Thursday, April 19, 2012

What is the Alexander Technique?

My best definition of the day:

The Alexander Technique is a way to stop and re-direct for healing, joy, and success.

I think we all know, deep down, that we are doing something "wrong" which is keeping us from healing our pain (physical or otherwise), feeling joy, and being as successful as we could be in life. 

If we know that we're doing something wrong (whatever that is--even if we don't know exactly what, and even if it is many things), we know that we need to stop doing it.

If we are willing to stop doing whatever is getting in the way of our healing, joy, and success, then we can choose to stop and re-direct ourselves in a better way (even if we don't fully know what that means).

It is quite impossible for healing, joy, and success to continue to elude us as long as we remember these things and put them into practice!

An Alexander Technique teacher is aware that this process works, and practices it on a daily basis.  A teacher can help you learn to do this for yourself and support you along the way.  A teacher helps you learn about yourself, your habits, what you might be doing that's getting in your way; and then help you stop, find a better direction, and aim yourself towards realizing your goals...

Healing, Joy, and Success!

Click here to find F.M. Alexander's book, The Use of The Self, at
The Use of the Self

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