Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Opening to Grace, part I

Opening to being grace-full.

What is opening?
What is being?
What is grace?
What is full?

When awareness of the above are not present, nothing seems to work right.  Things don't flow, and clumsiness and suffering abound.  Coordination is off, and heaviness is predominant.

Grace, ease, joy, and lightness go hand-in-hand.
So as we wish for those, let us notice our hands.
Let hands touch one another, for the heart is expressed by the hands.
When in the womb, heart and hand were of one tissue.


  • Open the hands and observe them.  See their emptiness and how they have weathered.  
  • Let the hands unclench and soften, resting them on your lap or a table.  Let them be open and empty to receive grace-fullness.  
  • Now let the hands slowly come together, meeting each other in a natural way, and feel that now they are full.
  • As you go about your day, if you feel that you "have your hands full" with too much to do, try just stopping for a moment to appreciate your hands.  Let your hands open slowly, reflecting an opening heart.  
  • Experience their emptiness, and then let them hold each other gently, letting each hand fill the other with the grace of your own being.  Let this grace-fullness spread to your heart, and feel gratitude for your Self. 

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